Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Moving Carrier Group Halfway to Israel

If I needed a cover for beefing up U.S. military defense of Israel after the Jewish state raids Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, I might just move a carrier group from the Persian Gulf to Somalia. The current fighting in Somalia brings the U.S. armada halfway to the Suez Canal. after a quick al-Qaeda knockout, will the carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower soon end up in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel?

Does anyone find it ironic the President who came to rue his forays into international interventionism and warned of the "military industrial complex" has a ship name after him implementing both? Under Dwight’s leadership the CIA ousted leaders in Iran & Guatemala. This time around it could be Iran & Venezuela. And don’t worry about this chess piece move, plenty of firepower will be left in the Persian Gulf.

The man calling the shots clearly loves to intervene throughout the world and comes from Texas where everything is bigger. Why Bush's "governmental industrial monstrosity" dwarfs Eisenhower's "military industrical complex". Bush has turned the Presidency into a general contractor's job. Who will Bush put a contract out on next?

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