Wednesday, January 31, 2007

“Chavi Boy” No Longer President, Joins Other Naked Emperors

President Hugo Chavez finally ditched his last bit of clothes to walk naked in a downtown Caracas plaza as Venezuela’s new Emperor. Children were banned from the event lest one point out Mr. Chavez’s fine suit to be made of thin air.

The transition from President to Emperor came from the passage of an enabling law giving Hugo wide powers to change the country by decree. Any leader that would accept such power could not believe in balance of powers between branches of government.

Legislators gave their power away to Mr. Chavez. One celebrated by saying "Fatherland, socialism or death! We will prevail!"

My guess is another naked leader, known “as the Decider” will issue an executive order or signing statement granting one of those three wishes, “fatherland, socialism or death”. My money is on the last option.

Is anyone else curious why people elect pathological leaders intent on growing their own power? And why do the legislators cave when it comes to holding the naked boys in check? I didn’t mean literally hold them…

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