Monday, January 22, 2007

DNC Questionnaire and Clinton’s 2008 Run

Today this independent voter completed a survey sent by the Democratic National Committee. In it I asked the DNC to remove money from politics. No they didn’t give me that choice. I wrote it in as a valid response.

Within hours I saw Hillary Clinton plans to gorge on the campaign money trough. To do so requires she pass on federal campaign funding. Both parties’ candidates expect to spend some $500 million apiece for their shot at the White House in 2008. That amounts to over $1 billion dollars to convince American voters they deserve to be President.

While I ask the Democratic Party to take big money out of politics, Hillary’s spokesman had this to say:

"Both presidential nominees opted out of the public financing system in 2004 because the cost of running a modern campaign has gotten so expensive," said Phil Singer, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign. "These dramatic increases make it clear that the current public financing system is in need of an update and Senator Clinton would support modernizing it."

That’s like saying I dropped my health insurance as medical costs have gotten too expensive. One could only do that if they had access to a greater funding source. Both Republicans and Democrats are feeding at the campaign money trough courtesy of corporations and high dollar donors.

As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, at this moment Republicans must be beaming. Personally I’m disgusted…

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