Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Jack Cafferty

Q: Should President Bush be able to open your mail without a warrant?

A: Why is it Bush can open my mail without a warrant and I can't get an answer to one simple question? Why did the White House Lessons Learned report fail to mention the hospital with the most patient deaths post Hurricane Katrina? Carlyle Group affiliate, LifeCare Hospitals warranted not one mention in the Bush tome despite its 24 patient deaths. So who should be looking at whom?

Q: How much faith do you have that the Democrats can stop the war and rein in the president?

A: I have zero faith in our new Democrat controlled Congress to enact the people’s will. 70% disapprove of Bush’s handling of the war while 80% want their employers to do more to cover health care. Bush ignores the people’s will while he pretends to work on the same. From Halliburton to Uncle Bucky Bush’s WellPoint, Bush friends continue to profit at record levels. Why don’t I trust Democrats to do better? Sen. Evan Bayh’s wife Susan sits right next to Uncle Bucky on the WellPoint Board. Defense companies are lining up Democratic lobbyists as we speak.

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