Friday, January 26, 2007

AP Reports China Has Twice as Much People as Population

In announcing a recalculation of China’s divorce rate, the Associated Press revealed the Communist giant has twice as much population as people.

China is switching to a more common international standard of counting divorces that will cut the divorce rate in half, state media said Friday. From this year, China will count the number of divorces per 1,000 people instead of counting the number of people who split per 1,000 population, the official China Daily newspaper said. The divorce rate for 2005 was 2.76, but according to the new method it was 1.38, the paper said. For 2006, the rate is estimated at 1.3.

When one doesn’t like a number, reform the calculation. The Chinese method may inspire President Bush to do more to “address” the number of people without health insurance in America. Last years re-formulation dropped 500,000 uninsureds from 2004 with the click of calculator. I can just President Bush issuing a signing statement that the number of uninsured be calculated using “per 1,000 people” instead of “per 1,000 population” to emulate the Chinese’s dramatic success in cutting their divorce rate...

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