Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New International Policy, Bribes & Secret Thugs

What two cabinet positions have the greatest impact on relations with other countries? The answer is the carrot, the State Department and the stick, the Defense Department. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice looks like choirgirl compared to her new Deputy, John Negroponte formerly of National Intelligence Department fame. Is John coming over to State to bring more stick, the long arm of consequences?

Bush’s latest two appointments that impact the world are ex-intelligence folks, a.k.a. spies. Generally these folks operate from clandestine agendas. Our transparent plans in Iraq will be led by ex-CIA man Bob Gates and ex-NID chief John Negroponte. Who should be looking over their shoulder with this pair implementing crafty Bush’s new way forward in Iraq?

With Negroponte as the number 2 person in the State Department, might Condi’s days be numbered? John is known for getting his way…

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