Monday, January 29, 2007

Warden’s MD Degree?

A Florida prison warning gave his professional opinion about the sensations felt by an inmate during a botched execution. Apparently this prison chief studies pain management on the side, otherwise why would a board of inquiry seek his opinion on such a matter? The incarceration manager stated:

A convicted killer whose execution was botched last year was never in any pain, and appeared to be straining to see a clock, not grimacing as some witnesses claimed, the warden told a panel reviewing Florida's lethal injection procedures Monday. "He had the opportunity to be able to scream, cry, yell and that sort of thing and that did not happen," Florida State Prison Warden Randall Bryant, who stood about 2 feet from Diaz during the execution, told the 11-member commission.

What did the real medical professionals deduce?

An autopsy found chemical burns in both his arms, and some experts said in interviews that Diaz probably suffered excruciating pain.

Does Mr. oopss I mean Dr. Bryant want to avoid having his blown execution associated with those from the world’s newest democracy? At least this wasn’t a lynching, dang it. I meant hanging. And nobody lost their head

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