Monday, January 15, 2007

“Do the Tube” Encourages One Politically Connected High Tech Firm

The Associated Press ran a piece on a high tech startup without revealing its corporate parent, The Carlyle Group. Adesso Systems Inc. wants to use “tubes” to make it easy for people to share videos, songs, pictures and other big files. An executive said “It’s like instant messaging for your stuff.”

Should I take comfort that already lazy Americans will have yet another work reducing application at their fingertips? Carlyle needs to know they aren’t the first to use tubes to save energy from normal every day activities. President Bush uses tubes to save prisoners at Guantanamo Bay from using their chewing muscles to eat, from actually having to swallow their drinks.

A year or so ago I encouraged the President to “do the tube”. I may have to reissue the invite with rules prohibiting the use of software. It’s a hardware only challenge…

P.S. The AP piece may create buzz around the company’s product which could help Board member Charles Rossotti’s portfolio. The senior advisor for Carlyle’s investments took a hit last week with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s announcement that he would nationalize his country’s telecommunications and energy facilities. Maybe Adesso new “tube product” will pull his financial drawers back up.

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