Monday, January 01, 2007

Bush Previews Israeli Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Enrichment Facilities?

Could U.S. President George Bush’s New Year’s Day message be a preview of things to come in 2007? Does his bragging of cutting the “projected all time high but never actually realized” deficit in half mean more lies and partial truths in the future? Does his war laced greeting mean more violence to solve America’s and the world’s problems?

In the New Year, we will remain on the offensive against the enemies of freedom…Defeating terrorists and extremists is the challenge of our time, and we will answer history's call with confidence and fight for liberty without wavering.

As offensive includes pre-emptive and Iran wears the label of extremists, one could conclude the President is tipping his hand for a post New Year’s clubbing of Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities. My guess is he will let our 51st state conduct the raid with our troops charged with containing the blowback. After all, an attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S. according to President Bush and Congress just approved a doubling of emergency military equipment/supplies kept in the Jewish state…

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