Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bush’s Priorities Aren’t Voters

Eighty percent of Americans want employers to do more to cover the cost of health insurance. This gets not one mention in the President’s radio address on “our nation’s priorities”. Behind the scenes, Bush encourages businesses to do less by switching to high deductible health plans.

Seventy percent of citizens are unhappy with the situation in Iraq. The President plans on increasing troop levels by 20,000 to 40,000 in country while adding another carrier group in the Persian Gulf.

While most people in the U.S. want our nation to quit tampering in foreign countries, the opposite appears to be in order. America’s heavy handed international diplomacy just added the historical weight of John Negroponte to the brass knuckles on Uncle Sam’s swinging hand.

My friends are tired of President Bush ignoring any and all laws that require a warrant before snooping through our homes, financial records, telephone calls, e-mails, and now postal mail. It seems every few quarters a new way for the Bush team to invade our homes is revealed.

As Democrats line up for the plums corporations and wealthy individuals toss to keep policies going their way, Republicans whine about having to play second string, to come off the bench. It appears no one in Washington is in touch with the disappointed American voter. New political parties need to come out of the D.C. swamp. If you are a Damnocrat or a Repugnicant, defect now! Become an independent first. We’ll see how that gets organized later…

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