Friday, January 26, 2007

Bush “Decision Maker” on Iraq, “Avoider” on Health Care

President Bush beat his chest about being “the decision maker” on Iraq as Congress challenges his troop augmentation plans. In doing so he derided his opponents about having no alternative plans to deal with the rapidly deteriorating democracy. As I read his stand, I could only picture Bush being “the avoider” on health care, of having no plans of substance to deal with the legions of uninsureds in our country.

His vaunted health savings accounts, launched as personal health accounts in 2002, had no impact as the number of uninsured rose by some 5 million people the last five years. He bragged yesterday that his newly proposed tax credits with reduce the 46.6 million with coverage by 5 to 10%. That gets it back to a number hit sometime during 2002.

Roughly the same percent of Americans, nearly 70% want something done about Iraq and healthcare. I don’t think President Bush is on the right side of either issue, especially if democracies are supposed to reflect the people’s will. Next time I hear him say “I working hard on the will of the people”, I’ll know it’s just another lie…

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