Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bush Issues “Reflexive Response” Challenge to Most Damnocrats

President Bush pulled out his reflex hammer and proceeded to pound the Damnocrat’s knees and elbows with it. Much of the President’s position (with my clarifications) is below:

Two key challenges we face are reducing our dependence on oil and expanding access to affordable health care. I have asked Congress to take several vital steps to address these issues. In health care I project tax cuts will reduce the nearly 47 million people with health insurance by 5 to 10%. This brings it down to the number without coverage in my second year in office. Now that’s progress. And while some members gave a reflexive partisan response, I was encouraged that others welcomed this opportunity to reach across the aisle. Thanks Evan!

We must also work together to ensure that Americans have accessible and affordable health care. The government has an obligation to provide care for the elderly, the disabled, and poor children; and we will meet these responsibilities via contracting to the private sector. For all other Americans, private insurance is the best way to meet their needs. Do you hear that Uncle Bucky? My strategy is well-a-pointed!

And this week, I proposed two new initiatives to help more Americans afford their own insurance. One is to roll back the number of uninsured to some 42-44 million via tax cuts. I even managed to work in tax cuts for 5 million people making over $50,000 a year under the guise of covering more people. Ha! The American people are gullible.

The other is to take money away from hospitals providing care for the poor and divert it to states trying innovative things to cover more people. Never mind that insurance companies administrative costs will eat up huge chunks of that $30 billion that previously went to patient care.

Last week I said health insurance is more like home ownership. Yet, this blew up in my face as I failed to see the U.S. government covers expensive multi-million dollar vacation homes built along the coast but refuses to cover nearly 47 million people. Yes, buildings are more important than people. I just hate it when people rub my nose in it!

Rather than a reflexive partisan response, I offer our country a proactive familial screwing, and I thank Senator Bayh for
joining me on this. So American citizens, bend over…

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