Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What the Heck is Going On?

America should be very concerned about what’s being said around the whole Mark Foley situation. A very legitimate question is being thrown under the rug by avoidance and aggression.

Why didn’t Speaker Dennis Hastert order an investigation after learning of suspicious e-mails sent by Rep. Mark Foley to underage male pages?

The Louisiana Congressman claims he shared the concerning communications with the Speaker personally. Hastert is sticking to his story that his office knew but he didn’t. Yet, in the Speaker’s defense the Cajun leader said:

"He is a good leader. And I think he would personally break the neck of anybody he thought was trying to sexually abuse a young man or woman."

Personally “break the neck”? Is that similar to beheading but leaving the head attached? What happens if the noggin comes unattached during the neck breaking? Is that a beheading?

What happened to investigations, trials, law and order? That’s right! The Speaker did not order one being a leader in the investigation phobic Republican party.

We all know what happened to trials for those held in U.S. custody, they are now optional. If the hearsay or coerced testimony doesn’t provide enough information for trial, just hold ‘em. Ooopss! That’s what Mark Foley tried to do…

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