Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Limbaugh to Consult with Frist on Fox Case

The two greatest healing minds in America will put their heads together in an effort to help Michael J. Fox, the actor struggling with Parkinson’s disease. Rush Limbaugh, fresh off self prescribing narcotic painkillers, will phone conference with Dr. Bill Frist, the Senator capable of making complex medical diagnosis off of short segments of videotape.

Ironically, neither Medicare nor Medicaid will pay for a telemedicine visit conducted by a licensed physician. The physical exam has to be conducted in person. Existing telemedicine programs are funded by grants, not by patient visit revenues.

Yet, the two world renowned healers can both diagnose and treat Mr. Fox’s condition from simply watching his movements on a commercial. Limbaugh’s prescription is more painkillers while Frist calls for the Democratic Party to enter a permanent vegetative state. Yes, that about sums it up…

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