Monday, October 09, 2006

National Nuclear Association Defends Kim Jong-il

The National Nuclear Association defended the North Korean President Kim Jong-il’s nuclear test as “a shot at the practice range”. NNA leader Dwayne LaBrierre said:

“Everyone knows nuclear weapons don’t kill people, people kill people. Tell Kim to meet me at White Sands, or if he can’t afford the airfare I’ll meet him halfway, say in India. I’d like to see how good a shot he really is…”

Obviously, the preceding is a spoof, but who really needs nuclear weapons? Twisted logic says countries need them to stay on par with world powers. That drove India’s development and appears to be a factor for North Korea.

Why do the major nations need them? The United States is already well equipped and developing the next generation of nuclear weapons to aid the Bush strategy of pre-emption. What happens when those new U.S. nukes need to be tested? Who else will jump onto the nuclear weapons bandwagon, South Korea or Japan?

To be clear, I say no country needs nuclear bombs because people kill people with weapons. Yes that is none, nada, zippo, naught….

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