Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Flood Wall of Congressional Indiscretion to Wipe Out Incumbents?

Just weeks before November 7th, the heavy rains of legislative indiscretion continue to pour on the electoral landscape. The drops include House and Senate leaders’ failure to accurately report land deals, turning the other cheek for inappropriate behavior with Congressional pages, investigations into the buying and selling of influence, and spending most of the year out of session. As the water pools behind the dam of voter endurance, pressure builds with new revelations of poor behavior and negative campaigning.

When the protective barrier burst and the wall of water released, what will happen? Will voter disgust wipe out all or most incumbents? How will the landscape be changed? Bush hasn’t the vision to build an ark. He is too busy applying a fully logged eye for an eye, as evidenced by his bill signing this morning. While our “leader” idly watches another epic flood scene, how many of his own brethren will drown? Will he dip his wings to view the carnage once again?

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