Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bush Calls for Complete Congressional House Cleaning on Nov. 7th

The titular head of the Party of Liars, Tax Cheats and Perverts called his opposition untrustworthy.

President Bush, on a campaign swing in the West, is telling voters that the Democratic Party is weak-kneed on national security and shouldn't be trusted to hold the reins of Congress.

So what is the American voter to do? George Bush has proven himself a liar and unworthy of my trust. His failed leadership only results in incompetent investigations. If I listen to his advice what are my options?

The answer is to throw all the current bums in Congress out. Who cares what party they belong to as both gorge at the corporate money trough? Republicans have proven they cannot be trusted to govern on behalf of all citizens. Democrats in their racing to be Republican Lite have adopted the K Street/investment house approach while cratering on the most basic of democratic institutions, the right of habeas corpus.

The Government Industrial Monstrosity is here and now. Major election and governing systems need to change, much more than which party happens to be in power. Until that happens, all the people can do is send a message in the short term. We are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore! Toss ‘em all….

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