Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush Gets His Wish, Yet another War Declaration

North Korea continues to lower the bar of leadership in our world today. That is difficult to do in light of the President’s signing of the Military Commission Act of 2006 just this morning. However, to kidnap people off the street on the basis of hearsay, hold them indefinitely without trial, refuse access to legal representation, expose them to coercive techniques, and then not share the reasons/evidence against them one must have an enemy.

North Korea kindly stepped up to the plate. The main problem is Asian secular communists don’t meet the profile of Islamic jihadists seeking to renew the Caliphate. So President Bush must either redefine the picture of America’s enemies after all that hard work, or he needs to tie the two together without bringing in any current U.S. allies.

How can the War President accomplish such a thing? Will he fabricate new evidence linking North Korea’s nuclear program with Iran’s? Is a call into Colin Powell to come check out the new satellite photos? If he goes back to the Pakistani nuclear physicist, Khan, then Bush’s seat could get hot when asked who financed Mr. Khan’s program. But we know George doesn’t do history, he relies on proximate cause.

Once Israel got the bomb, the big oil money in the region wanted a counterbalancing force. Pakistan seemed the right place to do it in light of Iran and Iraq’s history of conflict.

Tying Iran to North Korea is simply a detail to work out for Bush. The good news for a Machiavellian leader is another war has been declared! Bush, Jong-il, Ahmadinejad and Olmert all seem bent on war. Who’s to stop them?

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