Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Private Equity Hall of Fame Award to The Carlyle Group

In recognition of its heavyweight status, the Private Equity Hall of Fame honored The Carlyle Group at a recent meeting of private equity investors. Carlyle has grown from managing $13 billion to over $44 billion in Bush’s term of office. Their affiliates have benefited from government subsidies and from shifting work to the private sector. In granting the award, the Hall of Fame recognized Carlyle for its unique position.

The Carlyle Group was honored in the buyout/private equity category for its distinguished track record and its innovative approach to investing. Editors of the Private Equity Analyst newsletter noted in particular the firm's targeting of new growth industries as well as new geographies that have proven private equity's viability as a global endeavor.

New growth industries include health care and infrastructure. The timing is good for both of these industries as Medicare and Medicaid are contracted out to the private sector via “modernization”. The new Secretary of Transportation favors private development of needed infrastructure.

The Military Industrial Complex has grown to the now Government Industrial Monstrosity…

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