Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bush Raises Volume to be Understood?

Without a hot buttered roll in his mouth, Bush raises his voice a la the classic "ugly American". The President’s problem is he speaks a foreign tongue, the language a mix of insiderism and incompetencia.

"If the people of Arizona and the people the United States don't think we ought to be listening in on the conversations of people who can do harm to the United States, then go ahead and vote for the Democrats"

Are there any federal prisons housing terrorists in Arizona? If so, President George may wish to change his remarks. Convicted terrorists get to talk via phone and send mail without screening much of the time. Why is Bush going after the average citizen while giving those already sent to prison for terrorist actions largely a free pass?

President Bush also insulted law enforcement in his dig on the opposition party.

"We believe strongly that we must take action to prevent attacks from happening in the first place," Bush said "They view the threats we face like law enforcement, and that is, we respond after we're attacked. And it's a fundamental difference, and I will travel this country the next five weeks making it clear the difference."

According to the President law enforcement officials have never arrested anyone for conspiracy to commit murder, fraud, or bombings. Yet, it was law enforcement tactics that broke open the British home grown terrorist cell. Didn’t that prevent an attack?

The difference our nation's CEO cites is simply non-existent, an illusion. However he will spend the next five weeks dragging our country into the gutter of intentional division and negative discourse. For that we suffer.

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