Monday, October 02, 2006

FBI Says Mob Al Qaida Connection Pre-Election?

An Associated Press article said the FBI’s top counterterrorism official is concerned about the possibility of “old fashioned mobsters” teaming up with Al Qaida for the right price. The piece goes on to say there is no direct evidence of the mob collaborating with violent fundamentalist Islamic groups. However the first “hints” came from a FBI sting which stopped a man with “alleged mob ties” from selling missiles to an informant posing as a terrorist middleman.

The head FBI counterterrorism official said “We are continuing to look for a nexus.” Why would the FBI be warning terrorists and mobsters about this investigation after the uproar over making public the CIA’s secret prisons, the Treasury Department’s SWIFT program, and the Bush warrantless spying here at home program? No leak, the FBI revealed evidence of this secret investigation. Odd, yes or no? I report, you decide!

Ohhggga! Boooghhaa!

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