Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is That Republican Optimism Shining?

Rep. Chris Shays put on his sunny hat in exploring his co-hort’s reprehensible behavior of sexual explicit e-mails with underage male pages. In response to repeated attacks by concerned mothers and most normal people, Rep. Shays added at least no one died as in the case of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick.

Count me confused. Didn’t a conservative radio host just praise a charged newspaper writer as normal for molesting teenage girls? Wasn’t Ted Kennedy with an above age female when the driving accident happened? Wouldn’t Teddy’s normal sexual expression of two consenting adults of the male female variety be cause for Republican celebration? Ooopss, I meant celebation!

What is wrong with world leaders today? Everywhere I turn someone is getting in a dig at somebody else. Who elects these nutjobs? How do they get to stay in power playing perpetual games of win/lose?

Something is shining from the Republican party, but I don’t think it’s the sun. It looks more like a full moon with all the howling going on….(any mooning will be done by adults. That means no underage boys with their pants down!)

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