Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hastert & Reid “Gingerly Pampered” Over False Ethics Reporting

While House Speaker Dennis Hastert accuses Democrats of gingerly pampering suspected terrorists, he and fellow Congressional leader Senator Harry Reid are receiving similar treatment for their inaccurate ethics reports. Is it a coincidence that an attorney and a Master’s educated teacher both fail to report third parties in their land deals?

Congress recently passed a law making false reporting under Medicaid a serious crime with major financial penalties. Yet, they don’t apply the same standards to themselves.

As for the Democrats gingerly pampering the terrorists, at least they give them Pampers. I’m not sure a wet pair will provide any insulation as they are hosed down in those below 50 degree cells. Will the Democrats purchase blue or pink pampers for those terrorists? Blue would match the color of their skin, but pink is now hot with local law enforcement in Mason County, Texas.

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