Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bush’s Rights Followed by Federal Wrongs

President Bush clamored to the aid of House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Rep. Hastert is under fire for dragging his knuckles in ignoring warning flags in Rep. Mark Foley’s e-mails to underage male pages. The President conducted similar knuckle dragging post Hurricane Katrina and during Israel’s revenge inspired invasion of democratic Lebanon.

The President said in his remarks from a Stockton Elementary School:

"Families have every right to expect that when they send their children to be a congressional page in Washington, that those children will be safe"

This is a no brainer. The question is why was there no investigation once warning flags began waving in front of House Leadership. Bush, the great non-investigator, can easily stand by slow footed Denny Hastert. The Great Stumbler, post Hurricane Katrina dragged his knuckles for days while hospital and nursing home patients suffered and perished in dead hospitals floating in the cesspool of New Orleans.

“Families have every right to expect that their relatives in hospitals and nursing homes will be rescued after a devastating hurricane”

Of course we do. The problem arises when the people responsible care more about covering their own backsides or sheltering their corporate friends from “liability”. The Carlyle Group got their free pass when affiliate LifeCare’s 24 patient deaths warranted not one word in the White House Lessons Learned Report.

Sure we have a right to expect these things while Bush and his minions have the right to not deliver, repeatedly.

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