Saturday, October 21, 2006

Party of Morals Running Desperately Low on “Get Out of Jail Free” Sinner Cards

The Republican Party has long claimed to be the Party of Morality. It appears they talk a good game but many fail miserably in achieving their GOP goals. The news is full of Republican child predators, philanderers, tax cheaters, illegal campaign actors, and assaulters. This does not include the President who lies on a regular basis. (For proof run down any dual eligible in your community and find out how much “better off” they are under Medicare Part D despite the President’s promises last fall.)

What’s the GOP defense for all those failing to meet the bar of basic morality? Sinners!

White House spokesman Tony Snow explained why President Bush had agreed to campaign on behalf of a confessed adulterer. Bush "believes that we're all sinners, we all seek forgiveness, and in this particular case, he's supporting Don Sherwood's candidacy"

The Grand Ole Party is full of sinners? How can they be the party of morality then? What gives them the leg up on the batch of Democratic sinners? With President Bush does one just need to present their sinner card for forgiveness? What happened to Michael Brown? Did he lose his please forgive my transgressions card and have to resign post Katrina debacle?

Here’s my assessment. The label of “morality” for Republicans is like a mascot, like the Redskins for the Washington football team. There isn’t a real Redskin on the helmet, but a depiction. I doubt the person dressed as a Redskin is truly a Native American. Morality is like that for the Republican Party, especially if it is made up of all sinners. It’s simply a lapel pin, a cheer, a bumper sticker. How much of a sin is it to claim to be something you’re not? I feel a big round of repentance coming on!

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