Monday, October 02, 2006

Alberto Bureaucrat not Justice CEO

Justice Department head Alberto Gonzales’s recent speech served to undermine the judiciary. He accomplished his task in three ways.

First he suggested judges used personal opinion vs. legal interpretation to strike down President Bush’s wartime “programs”.

Second, he implied judges are arrogant when he suggested stepping outside his boundaries violated a proper sense of “humility”.

Third, he raised the issue of politically elected judges in some states.

With the public rather disgusted with the legislative and executive branches’ outright influence selling, Alberto transferred some of this disgust to the judiciary.

Here’s the deal Alberto. You are a bureaucrat in the Executive Branch, but no more. You obviously need to push the Bush agenda at every turn and do so using George’s divide and conquer tactics. However, our Founding Fathers created a form of government with three branches to balance one another. If court decisions aren’t going your way, did you ever think things might be out of quilter?

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