Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Ministry of Information, the Pentagon?

As our world revolves ever more unrecognizable, the Pentagon announced a two pronged approach to keeping the public informed on the war effort. New teams of people will “develop messages” for the 24 hour news cycle and “correct the record”. This is on top of a radio report that the military is restricting soldiers’ access to blogs not spouting the Pentagon line. A gentleman caller reported when military personnel click on websites spouting positions other than the current administration’s a warning notice pops up suggesting the soldier should steer away.

The Pentagon’s public media effort is anchored by a rapid response to quickly answer opponent’s assertions and the implanting of surrogates, usually high level politicians or key interest groups who can come to the aid of the administration’s positions. I wonder how they will conduct rapid response in the case of innocent’s killed in wartime operations as the Pentagon doesn’t track that number? Which politician will fly over to Afghanistan or Iraq to count the dead civilians who had the sheer bad luck to be near an insurgent or in the wrong house?

Big Brother is coming with the management of messages and the propping of puppets mouthing the “right” words in front of the blue curtain. His footsteps grow louder with each passing day…

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