Saturday, October 21, 2006

Log Blind Rice to Need Seeing Eye Dog?

As Sec. Rice wanders the globe with countless logs in her eyes, her ability to see has become quite limited. One eye is blocked by the United States position against others having nuclear weapons while not signing the Comprehensive Test Ban treaty and soon picking a design for a modern nuclear warhead that may or may not require actual testing. The other eye is shielded by exporting a version of democracy without a free press while limiting press freedoms here at home. Bosnia got a higher ranking than the U.S. by Reporters without Borders in their last analysis.

In the midst of her stumbling, Condi lectured Russia on its shrinking press freedoms. She mentioned the name of a Russian investigative reporter killed recently. The reporter had investigated the government’s security services abducting, torturing and killing innocent people. Apparently Condi has forgotten about America’s role in abducting and torturing innocent people from Canada and Germany, not to mention the Chinese Uighurs.

While Condi cannot find root cause in international conflicts, her boss knows them well when it comes to government leaked confidential information. Rather than shoot the journalist as in Russia, the U.S. charges the leader with a crime. Should the act be treasonous, the punishment could be the same as Russia’s. It just might take a little longer. With the new Military Commissions Act of 2006 the journalist giving support and aid to terrorists can simply disappear, with no right ever to come to trial.

Ooopsss, that was a bad fall Condi. Someone help her up, and please get our Secretary of State that seeing eye dog. She is log blind.

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