Thursday, October 19, 2006

Did Clinton Counsel Foley’s Priest?

A familiar refrain echoed from the priest accused of molesting Rep. Mark Foley while a 13 year old boy. The Clintonesque denials of sex were followed by admissions of being naked in a sauna together and being naked in a room during an out of town trip. The priest admitted to suffering from a nervous breakdown, taking pills and alcohol, and maybe doing something the young Foley “did not like”.

An expert on priest sex abuse said the abusers often rationalize their activities are non-sexual unless they are actual intercourse, which then breaks their vow of celibacy. Do priests happen to wear blue vestments? What happens when they get stained? Do they save them as evidence for later testing?

Did anyone else note the similarity to the great Democratic denier of sexual relations? Of course other analogies are readily apparent. Why do homosexuals join groups that vilify them as in the case of Republicans and the Catholic Church? One cites the threat of gay marriage as greater than terrorism, while the other calls gays “intrinsically disordered”. Yet if every gay within jettisoned the party or the church, both would suffer a huge brain drain. Strange days are these…

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