Monday, October 02, 2006

Bush’s Divide & Starve Strategy to Spread?

Violence broke out between rival factions in the Palestinian territories over the weekend. Angry protests over lack of pay turned into a clash of opposing political forces, Hamas and Fatah. The dirt poor people of the region depend on their government jobs and paychecks.

Without tax revenue from Israel or aid from the outside world, no checks have been forthcoming for months. While they may not have an electricity bill after Israel’s summertime bombing of their electrical plant, the people still need to eat and purchase basic necessities. For this they protest.

Does this bring to mind the British in Northern Ireland? The manipulators of the purse strings pitted the Scottish against the Irish. With the oppressed lower classes competing, the ruling class had a relatively easy go of it.

While the situations are different in time, culture and geography they share some commonalities. Resources are severely constrained and the lower classes must compete for those resources. Cultural differences between the marginalized are magnified with the opposing side demonized. The ruling class has disdain for both.

What would happen should the poor and oppressed unite? It would be hard to send the people of Palestine back to the Stone Age, most are already there.

And what does this portend for our country? The “uniter” has proven to be such a divisive force Texas Monthly ran a story with a milk carton Bush picture seeking the AWOL “uniter, not a divider”.

Pitting the poor against each other? That explains President Bush’s seeming immigration contradictions. Blame the Hispanic immigrants for America’s problems while allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter each year. Prepare for your domestic version of Northern Ireland, and the Palestinian Territories should Bush and his minions have their way.

Otherwise how would The Carlyle Group get to make over $300 million on one deal in 14 months and end up paying only 8.25% tax on their profits? They sold the company, thus all they should have to pay is sales tax! That’s what I pay when I make purchases in San Angelo, Texas. If I pay the same tax rate as The Carlyle Group, does that make me rich? Definitely not, and certainly not $44.3 billion worth!

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