Friday, October 06, 2006

Tony Perkins Says Welcome to Christianity!

The head of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, blamed a permissive society for Republican Mark Foley’s transgressions.

As a society, we've made diversity and tolerance the guidepost of public life," Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council told ABC News. "Maybe we shouldn't be surprised that we have congressmen chasing after 16-year-old boys."

When did Republicans make diversity and tolerance the guideposts of life? Their homophobic march across the country banning same sex relationships even the faintest specter of legal recognition is anything but tolerant.

An expert talking about closeted behavior provides some insights.

Richard Isay, a Weisll Cornell Medical College professor of psychiatry and author who has studied gay men and women, says his psychiatric studies show that closeted gays who work for organizations that are inhospitable to them may be more prone to "doing things that are going to get themselves into trouble."

"If the atmosphere of the Republican Party is not hospitable to gay people ... you're going to have more problems," Isay said.

In his academic opinion, Isay believes that Foley's pathology includes "much more than just this kind of behavior -- hitting on pages," but likely includes other kind of secretive behavior. He also believes that Foley "had an enormous need to be caught and punished. You don't send e-mails to underage pages unless you want to be caught, and that's directly related to impoverished self-esteem and the need to be punished."

Let’s see, imperfect people with the need to be punished….it sounds like Christianity where everyone is a sinner in the face of God! Well, Mark Foley welcome to the fold!

Why isn’t Tony Perkins reaching out to him to help Mark repent? Is it because Tony and company have their own version of the garden and found Rep. Foley lacking because of he favors the taste of nuts? Toss him out they will…

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