Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another Small Takes the Fall

While Ex. Secretary of State James Baker suggested Dennis Hastert “ought not to be the sacrificial lamb”, the White House revealed another burnt offering, the resignation of Karl Rove’s personal assistant Susan Ralston. The top aide to Bush’s political director got frequent mention in the House Government Reform Committee’s report. It cited 485 Abramoff contacts with the White House over a 4 year period, including 9 with Karl himself. Abramoff himself claimed half of his contacts with the White House came via his ex-employee, Susan Ralston.

Ralston resigned to pursue other opportunities. Will she get a chance to make that serious money most ex. Bush insiders pull down from lobbying or investment houses?

The White House damage control consisted of hoarding attendance records, calling Jack Abramoff a liar, and dropping the hottest person in the recently released House report. How does one liar calling another person a liar constitute a credible defense? Their official position is typical Bush league.

Assistant White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said. ``We support her decision, and after a review of the report, we consider the matter closed.''

How is the matter closed when big money and insider influence continues running rampant in the once hallowed halls of government? The matter is certainly not closed, not closeted, not acknowledged and not addressed.

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