Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bush Extends U.S. Imperialism into Space

The United States Cowboy President just publicly staked his claim to space. He filed the paperwork a month ago with an unpublicized Executive Order. The Bush order has a one two punch.

First, America’s enemies are denied access to space for hostile purposes. Does this mean George annexed all the air above those countries? Or did he lay a claim to all non-atmospheric space above the Earth? If he did, does he become President of the Universe? And how would a past Mr. Universe, Arnold the Governator feel about such a claim?

Second, the United States opposes any development of treaties or other restrictions that seek to prohibit or limit U.S. access to or use of space.

While the White House said the policy “does not call for the development or deployment of weapons in space”, it does not expressly prohibit such a thing either.

"This policy emphasizes that the United States is committed to peaceful uses of space by all nations and that space systems enjoy the right of free passage," National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones said. He said the United States maintains the right of self-defense and the protection of its interests and assets in space.

Now we are back into the muck of Bush speak. The atomic bomb was developed as a weapon of self defense. Israel won’t even say whether they have such a capability, preferring the speculation to work as a defensive measure. Yet, it only takes the push of a button or the redirecting of the targeting device to turn it from defensive to offensive.

One line in the report opens space wide for future militarization.

Develop capabilities, plans and options to ensure freedom of action in space, and, if directed, deny such freedom to adversaries.

That is the Bush pinched war driven, freedom pushing turd floating in the space bowl. Space weapons here we come!

Why would I suggest such a thing? The report itself says defense related space activities shall be classified consistent with several other Presidential Executive Orders.

Recall the Bush CIA prison position? Their weapons in space lines have a familiar ring. The Bushies do what they want, when they want. The international word for it is unilateral. The pattern should be very clear by now.

Notice Bush waited until Kofi Annan's shift at the United Nations ended before making a public announcement. Kofi's replacement, Mr. Ban has his hands full at the moment with North Korea. Will an emergency UN Security Council meeting be called to delve into the United State's intentions in space? My guess it will take longer than the month it took to call a meeting while Israel pummeled the fledgling democracy known as Lebanon.

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