Monday, October 23, 2006

Bob Bennett Calls Anyone Criticizing America “Apes”

From the Middle East to Europe, countries critical of American government still love the quickly slipping away American ideal. OK, ex. Education Secretary of fallen morals fame Bob Bennet didn’t exactly say that, but it was close.

I don't think the rest of the world has lost faith in our democracy and government. It is fashionable in some precincts to condemn the United States. We have not been popular in the Middle East for many years, and the university class (in Europe, especially) has a "sophisticated" view that is aped by academia in much of the U.S. professoriate.

But many millions of people around the world love America, Americans and the things America represents. If [people] virtually anywhere in the world ... saw a group of soldiers coming over the hill and could pick which flag they were carrying, the American flag would still be the choice of many.

Notice he said soldiers coming over the hill. Why not just people or tourists? Why does it have to be someone with a gun? How would Bob’s analogy play out in Iraq right now? The country has had over 3 years of American liberation. You’d think one with direct experience of American soldiers would be in the best position to choose. That is if they aren’t being held in a detention center without charges!

Ask Bob why people in other countries are better educated about the fading ideal of America than our own citizens. What does that say about our education system, including his for-profit education ventures being pushed by the Republican administration? How can people living in Europe, the Middle East or the third world be more disappointed than us about our loss of liberty? Because the darkening of America, darkens the whole world and Bob casts his own long dark shadow…

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