Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Odd Publicity around the Revelation of Foley’s Priest Abuser

I can understand Rep. Foley’s need to share the name of his abuser with the Catholic Church as part of his therapy and recovery process. I appreciate the Church wanting to know such information in case this predator is yet to be identified. What confuses me is the public splashing of this revelation? Shouldn’t this be a privately shared bit of information requiring no media attention?

If Mark is focusing his energy where he needs to, the outside world should have disappeared. At some point in his recovery process, key family members and friends will enter the picture. An attorney or Republican operatives should be nowhere in sight until his course of treatment is completed. That is obviously not the case.

What impact this will have on Mark’s course of treatment remains to be seen. It is proof again that political parties in America will eat their young to survive. Is that a family value?

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