Friday, June 29, 2007

Followers Excited to Purchase iPopes

Previous purchasers of the Pope-a-phone are ecstatic about upgrading to iPope. When the man pictured above found iPopes still in stock he yelled "Holy See it!" Another excited fan said "It has all the same cool features as the Pope-a-Phone. Hit 7 for the pontiff's daily message, one zero gets you a reading of the Ten Commandments both Classic and Roadweary, and 666 reaches Phone-a-Confession. But the iPope adds real time maps of the Vatican showing the Pope's location, the video camera where the Cardinals can monitor my following of Catholic teaching, and Charge-a-Tithe with Pa-pal. I am so pumped. Now I can give my Pope-a-Phone to my parents." Popeaphiles truly have something to cheer about.

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