Friday, June 29, 2007

Huge Bush Balloon to Deal with Pesky Senate Subpoenas

President Bush modelled the look of the huge Bush balloon charged with intimidating the Senate Judiciary Committee's double round of subpoenas into the administrations firing of state attorney generals and its domestic secret spying program. The White House already claimed Executive Privilege on the firings issue.

Bush said "We're going to create a huge balloon like they use in the Macy's Day Parade and set it up outside the Capital. I'll have a walkie-talkie in the White House that enables my voice to projectification from its oral focular point. Not only can I call them demeaning nicknames, I'll actually be able to breathe fire remotely. Well it's technically not breathing. It's more like college hijinks, the kind you do with a lighter after eating a spicy Mexican dinner. Those Senators need to beware my fiery Bush balloon's asshole. And after I get them straightened out, me and the balloon are going for a spin on the Titanic. I can't wait to get on the bow and yell "I'm King of the World'."

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