Friday, June 22, 2007

Lead Paint is People!

In a replay of the final scene of Soylent Green, I can picture a Charleton Heston like figure running through an empty city screaming "lead paint is people". Now how did the hero discover that lead paint is people?

First, he realized American coporations sent production to Chinese manufacturers to cut jobs formerly held by U.S. people. The cost savings drove corporate profits higher which increased CEO's incentive compensation (when nearly one third weren't cheating their shareholders, also known as people, by backdating stock options).

Chinese manufacturers understanding this same powerful profit motive did a little substitution of their own at another's expense. They replaced lead free paint as specified by the U.S. buyer with a cheaper leaded version.

In the ensuing profit bonanza who suffered? The people formerly employed in the U.S. took it on the chin first. Then the children who played with expensive leaded toys paid the next price. After learning of these connections the hero could only do one thing, warn the remaining masses! Lead paint is people! Lead paint is people!

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