Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clinton Brags of Democratic Fund Fishing

President Bill Clinton demonstated the hook used to snag rich donors and plum jobs with private equity underwriters, also known as PEU's. These opportunities traditionally have gone to Republican ex-public servants, but the Democratic Party's strategy involves a mean game of imitation. President Clinton lands speaking jobs with six figure speaking fees and is an advisor for Yucaipa Funds, an investment firm.

Both parties compete for funds for their campaign money troughs. In addition to straight up political donations, both teams fight dirty in the background. The recent "shareholder" lawsuit against infoUSA over consulting fees and free flights for Fisherman Bill is but insiders from both parties using the courts to continue their battle.

While the media ignores the principal person behind the lawsuit served for three years on a Board with Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney, they happily report any instance where Clinton seems to be selling influence. Recall the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom? It raised its head recently with the free flights to Cancun courtesy of infoUSA's private plane.

What made the timing even more laughable was the media dined in white ties with Bush's financial heavy hitters. Thirty seven high dollar Republicans and their relatives shared Dover Sole with Queen Elizabeth and no newspersons in attendance reported on this fact. How many of Bush's base took their corporate private jets to the soiree? How many of those will get sued by "investors" for their trip?

Meanwhile, another opposing pair fights for control of the venerable Wall Street Journal. Will Republican Murdoch or Democratic Burkle pull the sword from the center lane of Wall Street, thus giving them the right to buy the Journal?

President Clinton closed his talk with "It's important to bait the hook. I happen to have a worm in my trousers. Want to see it?"

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