Friday, June 15, 2007

Freedom Looting Round Two?

Don't let the looting of Gaza Strip offices of Fatah in the Palestinian Territories fool you. It's not the "freedom is untidy" looting Donald Rumsfeld opined after Saddam Hussein's fall in Iraq. That round will come after Israel and the U.S. turn Gaza into a stinking charnel house. Rest assurred it will happen by one of two methods, seige or attack.

Under a seige of the Gaza Strip, the people will suffer mightily before striking out against their oppressors. If Israel could cut off access to larger Lebanon during last summer's war against Hezbollah, geographically isolating Gaza and Hamas would be much simpler.

A prolonged embargo could invite the second option, an invasion and razing of large parts of Gaza. After steamrolling the wayward Palestinian Territory, the "freedom is untidy" looting could then happen. Ask prescient Donald?

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