Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's a "Mad Mad World"

Is anyone else concerned about people proposing solutions that sound crazy? U.S. Presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter said he would use tactical nuclear weapons to take out Iran's nuclear enrichment capabilities. The chief of the worldwide nuclear watchdog agency called any type of attack on Iran "an act of madness". Would using nukes ratchet up the level of insanity?

Leaders in Israel debated the "Samson option" of nuking themselves should they ever be overrun by their neighbors. If the Jewish state can't have the land, it won't be worth having. Of course Israel doesn't admit they have nuclear weapons which makes the discussion even more bizarre.

Two years ago Rep. Tom Tancredo suggesting bombing Mecca after the next fundamentalist Muslim terror attack. What's the fixation with using nuclear weapons? Is the U.S. heavy hand of non-nuclear armaments not enough to get the masses in line?

Who will be the next Slim Pickens riding a nuclear weapon to its preferred destination? Will it be Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, George W. Bush, or Ehud Olmert? And what will the other nuclear powers do once the genie is unleashed from the bottle? Will India, Pakistan, Great Britain, France, Russia or China do anything in response? It's a genie worth keeping in the bottle for all of time.

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