Monday, June 18, 2007

Another War Without End?

The London Times reported 20,000 Israeli troops will soon invade Gaza to wipe out the Hamas threat of some 12,000 guerillas. This would occur a year after the same country attacked democratic Lebanon to exterminate 5,000 Hezbollah terrorists.

What kind of complications will arise? Will Palestinians in the West Bank rise up as "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Certainly phone calls and public pleas from fellow Palestinians under seige will prompt some Arab Muslims elsewhere to act out on their behalf. Will it be small groups or whole nations?

A few months ago Israeli President Ehud Olmert dangled huge incentives for peace to the Palestinians. It looked like he wanted to buy peace on his western flanks should he feel the need to pre-emptively bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. The Saudi's ruined his plans with their negotiated "unity government" between Hamas and Fatah.

Now Olmert faces an explosive situtation in Gaza, also derisively referred to as "Hamastan". Will it light the fuse for a greater regional explosion? All signs point to leaders trying to solve their problems with military might. Meanwhile the people suffer mightily. Last week I predicted the U.S. and Israel would turn Gaza into a stinking charnel house. The London Times agrees.

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