Saturday, June 30, 2007

IPope Buyer Rushes Home to Engage Premium Service

A Massachusetts iPope buyer high fived the Apple store staff as he rushed home to sign up for iPope Premium Service. "I can't wait to iConfess from the comfort of my living room, one on one with Pope Benedict XVI himself!" Also included in the Premium offering is the Rudy Giuliani Rapid Repeat Annulment Service and iVote which instructs good Catholics on proper candidates. Adults over 18 can access the exclusive Fox Smoldering Confessions Channel which shows video re-enactments of steamy confessions. The Vatican also believes the iPope will enable Chinese Catholics to unite with the Vatican through high tech methods. And future Popes will be selected using the popular device. Rather than use different colored chimney smoke, the Holy See will post a thumbs up or down video on YouTube.

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