Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Brand Fred", Washington Insider Repackaged

Republican Presidential hopeful ex-Senator Fred Thompson is selling himself as "a Washington outsider." The problem comes when anyone examines his bio. His federal government experience began in 1969 and ran nearly nonstop throught 1982. He jumped back into the D.C. scene as Senator from Tennessee from 1994-2003. How does someone who not long ago spent 8 years in the Senate qualify as an outsider?

Some say, Fred's work ethic during this time was suspect. Does mental inattention to his duties mean Senator Thompson remained unpoisioned by Washington? If so, I'm not sure that's a good tradeoff. Would you vote for someone who said "elect me because I was a slacker as a Senator." No thanks.

Maybe Fred's insider or outsidership can be seen by the people supporting his candidacy. In May Mr. Thompson spoke to the Council for National Policy. Guess where? In Tyson's Corner, a Virginia suburb of the District of Columbia. The Council is a secretive group of "gold list highly influential business leaders", otherwise known as insiders. Fred spoke to people funding the leaches and ticks he supposedly disdains.

Fred Thompson is neither an outsider nor a hard working dedicated leader. At this point in our country's slide away from democracy, we can't afford either in office. A tireless, selfless leader is what America needs. The problem is the system is heavily stacked against that type of candidate.

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