Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gingrich Says U.S. Government Illegally Let in 9-11 Terrorists

Likely Presidential hopeful and former history professor Newt Gingrich rewrote the immigration status of 9-11 hijackers in a political advertisement. The ad states ringleader Mohamed Atta entered the U.S. illegally when in fact he had a student visa.

A Gingrich aide explained the learned man's position. In defending the ad, he argued Atta's legal status was given to him by mistake. "Many of them had incomplete or absurd information on their (visa) applications," said Newt's spokesman Rick Tyler.

Tyler conceded that Atta was approved by the INS for legal status despite Newt's assertions to the contrary in the ad. "But", he said, that's only because INS wasn't doing its jobs properly. "Now, you might say that's a stretch that they were illegal, but all of them should have been stopped," he said, "none of them would have gained legal access had their paper work been filed correctly, so I would argue that they were all illegal."

Given this position, what liability does U.S. Immigration have for 9-11 and its aftermath? When one rewrites history, one changes responsibility and liability (unless the statute of limitations has run). Did Newt wait long enough to open his mouth?

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