Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mike's Opaque Transparency

Rep. Mike Conaway attacked the political opposition in a recent e-mail to constituents for its lack of transparency regarding earmarks. His message stated:

"The irresponsibility and lack of transparency by the Democrats is a bad example of leadership. House Republicans passed strong earmark reform in the 109th Congress under the belief that if an earmark is worthy of one cent of the taxpayers’ money, it must be able to withstand public scrutiny and a full, transparent debate."

Yet, guess who won't share his list, who won't subject his requests to public scrutiny? Yep, the same man that just 5 days before smacked the opposition for bad leadership. I hope the boot fits, Mr. Conaway, cause you're chewing leather.

I wonder if he's not sharing his list given the threat of the President to veto unnecessary spending. Why get your constituents excited about billions for Texas when the titular head of your party may soon drop the axe?

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