Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Guns Don't Kill People" Now a 500 Year Old Campaign

Should anyone be tired of the National Rifle Association's platitude "Guns don't kill people, people do", it might be for one of two reasons. The intensity of random gun violence in the horrific Virginia Tech killings could've dimmed the public's enthusiasm. Or the interminable duration of the campaign might be getting to citizens, given the discovery of a 500 year old Incan killed by a Spanish musket ball.

Scientists studied Incan graves in South America. One skull in particular had both an entrance and exit wound, suggestive of a musket ball and prompting experts to study it. A plug of bone from one of the holes was recovered nearby. The conclusion: A musket ball less than an inch in diameter struck the back of the skull and passed through the head. A scientist stated "This conclusively proves that the person was killed by a gunshot, and he is the first identified shooting victim in the Americas."

As a result of this finding The National Rifle Association issued an order to collect back dues from Incan descendents in South America. Meanwhile, U.S. Immigration opponents seized on the discovery to promote their new campaign "Guns don't kill people, the Spanish do!" In a few weeks they plan to change it from "the Spanish" to "Mexicans".

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