Monday, June 18, 2007

Evan Bayh's "David" Update

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh dropped out of the Democratic race for the Presidential nomination as he was just "a little guy" amongst giants. I don't know many little guys pulling down the kind of income the Bayh family does. In just 5 months Evan and his wife Susan made nearly $250,000 from stock purchases.

Susan exercised her WellPoint stock options on January 31st and May 17th of 2007. From flipping 6,667 in shares, the Bayh's pulled in nearly a quarter million dollars. After the 15% capital gains tax so generously granted by Congress, little Evan will net some $211,000. The Bush Tax cuts saved them $12,000 in taxes.

So the next time you read about children getting tossed off Medicaid because they haven't met the proof of citizenship requirement, we can rest easier knowing this had to be done so the wealthy could keep their tax cuts. Who is the real "David" in this case? Certainly not Senate tiebreaker Vice President Dick Cheney...

Update 3-15-11:  Retired Senator Evan Bayh signed on with Fox News

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