Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carlyle to Buy Out Banks and Insurance Companies

The latest version of money changers will soon acquire its predecessors. Private equity firm The Carlyle Group plans on targeting global banks and insurance companies in addition to aerospace and defense, energy & power, telecom and media, automotive & transportation, health care, real estate, consumer and retail, industrial and tech & business services.

Nearly two years ago the politically connected firm announced a division targeting public infrastructure investments. Just yesterday it announced the establishment of its Financial Institutions Group targeting banks and insurance companies.

With over $58.5 billion in assets managed, Carlyle has grown like crazy during Bush's term in office. In 2001 The Guardian suggested the firm was "unofficially valued" at $3.5 billion. If that's true during Bush's time in office the private equity company rose by $55 billion, a nearly 1600% increase. The Guardian piece called Carlyle the "ex-President's club". Is it a coincidence they lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or that they located their corporate office just down that same street?

Rather than throw them out of the hallowed halls of government, the Bush administration regularly invites them in and sends millions to billions of contracts their way. The most recent version of modern day money changers have their eye set on their predecessors. Will some things ever change?

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