Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Clinton Lincoln Bedroom Ginshu Knife Only Cuts One Way!

Pardon the clunk of this independent voter's jaw hitting the floor. After perusing the white tie invitee list for dinner with the Queen, I detected the malodorous smell of dirty money. The percent of high dollar political attendees rivaled the number of corporations cheating on their stock option plans, nearly 30%. I posted a piece that evening which got no play from the Huffington Post.

The day after the event, ABC and Fox news ran stories. ABC only counted one part of the usual couple in arriving at its attendance figures. In many cases huge political donations are run through family members. Fox actually bragged about the high dollar donor connection in their piece, calling them Republican royalty.

Yet when I search Fox's site for Clinton Lincoln bedroom references, they showed up en masse. Here's a recent comment from the Republican Presidential frontrunner:

"Romney joked about his big haul, referring to the fact that President Clinton often had donors sleep at the White House. How many Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers did his donors earn? "There are not enough Lincoln Bedrooms, I'm afraid, for the _ what did we calculate? _ 32,000 or 33,000 people" who donated to his campaign, Romney quipped."

OK, cutesy Republicans, how many Dover Sole dinners with the Queen did Mitt earn from his supporters? Both houses smell of rotten fish and as the axiom states "the fish rots from the head down". The Bush team proves this yet again...

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